Simple navigation testing

Navflow helps you improve your conversion rates by analysing how people navigate through your websites and applications.

Make a nav flow test
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Upload a design sequence to create a test

Each image represents a step through a funnel or multi-step navigation. Navflow tests are ideal for testing checkout and signup flows.

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Highlight hit zones

Chain your designs by selecting which areas of each screen can be clicked to allow a person to progress to the next screen.

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Give users a task to carry out

Instruct people to complete a specific task, and we'll simulate your navigation flow to measure how far they progress.

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View your results

We show you how many users completed the flow, where they clicked, where they dropped out, and how long they took. This makes it easy to eliminate bottlenecks and usability issues in your design.

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“Navflow is god's gift to UI designers, probably has the best power-to-simplicity ratio of any software, ever.”
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Nick Franklin – Director of Sales, Zendesk
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